Sarah is available for speaking engagements such as:

- women's retreats
- small groups/ bible studies
- family-oriented conferences

Sarah is passionate about seeing her generation of women grow in courage and strength in their faith. Topics Sarah has spoken on before include:

the power of our testimony: the good, the bad, and the ugly
description: we are quick to share the good parts of our testimony, but it was in Jesus most embarrassing moment that the greatest gift to mankind was given. Humbling ourselves enough to share our worst moments allows the power of God's redemption to be seen by others.

staying when marriage is tough
description: For the first nine years of Sarah and Tim's marriage, Tim was a drug addict while the two of them worked to build a family. Sarah learned lessons in leaning hard on God when leaving seemed like an inviting idea.

fighting for the next generation
Generation Z is leaving the church and their faith in numbers unseen before. Sarah calls on parents to rise up and fight for this generation as we battle for their souls in a culture growing hostile to our beliefs. After being prayed over by an elderly woman at a conference who "past the baton" to a new generation, a fire has been ignited in Sarah to take the call seriously, and to rise up from complacency to courageous parenting. You can find more on this at The Backyard Missionary's sister site: https://www.trainupachild.ca/

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