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Hi! I'm Sarah and this is my backyard. Well...my virtual backyard anyway. Pull up a comfy chair and sit awhile!

I have grown up inside the church, and at the young age of four I committed my life to God by inviting Jesus into my life. Aside from a mildly rocky path during my teenage years, all in all, my testimony is a rather boring one. I have been Baptist, Pentecostal, Alliance, and now Evangelical Free. It wasn't until a few years ago that I began asking God what his purpose was for me. How could a boring church-girl be of any use? It's not like my testimony was overly riveting and life changing to those who heard it. It was at that time that I learned a valuable lesson...if you ask God a question, be prepared to have your socks knocked off.

Up until this point I never questioned church culture, or what happens on a Sunday morning, simply because it was what I thought you ought to do. But, God promptly ripped off my blinders one Sunday in church. He gave me eyes to see what the Church looks like to someone in need who is looking for some serious answers. I can honestly say my heart was ripped apart. The "Christianese" lingo, the bouncy-castle outreach events, the lack of desire to find community beyond exclusive friend circles. How was any of this honouring to God? How was any of this helpful to the people who walked in, deep in heart-ache, desperately searching for more than the world has to offer?

It was at this time that I made a commitment to do something about it. I don't claim to think that I will change the problem of a messy church culture, but I do feel that God has allowed me to see beyond the culture of the western church as someone who has grown up in it. He has also allowed me to see a gospel message that requires everyone who believes in it to actively walk out their faith. He has shown me how crazy that will actually look when put into action.

I want to see a generation rise up who is passionate to see the body of Christ unleashed into our neighbourhoods. I long to see believers who will walk in bold obedience to the high calling of what it means to be ambassadors to a Heavenly Kingdom.

Currently I am enrolled at Pacific Life Bible College working towards a theology degree to be able to help others grow deeper in relevant truth to navigate in a culture that is growing more hostile to Christians by the minute.

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You can reach me at thebackyardmiss@gmail.com for any comments, questions, or speaking inquires.

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