I'm Sarah and this is my backyard. Well...my virtual backyard anyway. See those photos up top? That's me with my tribe. They are also my inspiration for writing.

I'm a wife and a mother to three beautiful (I'm not biased, right?!) children. We homeschool and live an otherwise ordinary life in the city among the beautiful rolling prairies of Alberta. It hasn't always been ordinary though, but let me back up a minute so you can know my story...

I grew up going to church, it was embedded in our everyday life. Church on Sunday, bedtime prayers, daily Bible reading, and youth group were all part of my daily upbringing. I gave my life to Jesus at just four years old while sitting on my bed one night, Dad on my left, Mom on my right, the nuclear family in every sense of the phrase.

I thought I knew God pretty well...that is, until I had to leave the safety of my parent's nest and struggle through real life. It wasn't until then that I had to learn to let go of my parent's safety and instead learn to trust God in the storm. In my last decade and a half my husband and I have faced an addiction crisis, loss of our unborn (there are three missing from my family photos), and struggled alongside my Mom while she battled cancer before going home to Heaven.

These struggles helped me to see a powerful, faithful God who is fully capable to transform, heal, comfort, and lead. My pain has humbled me from thinking I was a "good" Christian, to the realization that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, has struggles hidden behind their smiles. It has helped me to see people differently, and to be a lot more honest with myself and others around me.

I write with a hope that by sharing my struggles, successes, and lightbulb moments in my own backyard that you will find encouragement where you need picking up, laughter where there was tension, and strengthening of your faith when you are weary. And then, when you feel that little glimmer of hope again, that you would be brave enough to share God's goodness with those around you .

Want to connect? You can reach me at info@thebackyardmissionary.com for any comments, questions, or speaking inquires.


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