Wednesday 11 December 2019

[VLOG] A Health Update and a Little Hope

Hi Friends,

Some of you have been following along with my crazy health journey this year and wondering how it's been going. First, I wanted to take a moment and say thank you for all your prayers and support this past year! Your kind words and most certainly your prayers have been propping me up through this difficult journey.

Moving forward, it seems as though I finally have some answers in a way that only God could do. I have shared the update with you in the video above. I was just going to share this with my family and close friends, but then I realized it is a message of hope and wanted to share it with all of you. Who doesn't need to hear a message of hope, really?!

For those of you who are wondering what on earth I'm talking about, that's ok, I'll fill you in as well in the video clip.

Love you all!

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