Thursday 8 March 2018

How You can Find Stability in an Unstable World (Audio clip)

In a world of instability and inconsistency we are beginning to see the effects of what that looks like as it creeps through the doors of the Church. Many of us are feeling uneasy about the future, and church somehow doesn't quite feel "safe" anymore. We all feel it, but what can we do about it?

Instead of pointing fingers, it is time to begin to look inwards to see what we can do before our younger generations (and us too) walk away from faith in the Almighty God. 

Click here to listen to my sermon from February 24, 2018 where I address the state of the unstable Church, and how YOU can make a difference.

Links to Barna studies used in the sermon can be found here:

"Five Factors Changing Women's Relationships with Churches"

"Meet Those who 'Love Jesus, but not the Church'"

"Atheism Doubles Among Generation Z"


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