Wednesday 15 November 2017

A Characteristic of God Hidden in Every Woman

Tucked away inside the the very first chapter of the Bible is the rich treasure of biblical womanhood. A high calling on every woman in every walk of life separate and uniquely distinct from biblical manhood.

Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” (Genesis 1:26)

The word “man” in Genesis 1:26 is actually from a Hebrew word that means “mankind.” Because God made mankind in His image the theological implication is that God made humans to have companionship with Him. He did not create abstract beings, He created people with likeness to Him.

Man had animals, and land, and everything he needed, but he was very much alone. God recognized that man needed companionship, so God made another version of mankind in Eve, a woman. 

Against the religious backdrop at the time that Genesis was written, it was unheard of that a god would want relationship with humans. In fact, these very writings in Genesis were a direct assault on the mythological religions of the time where humans were created to be slaves to lazy gods who didn’t want to work. Contradictory, we have this picture of a perfect God, who has no need for mankind, but who decides to create and enter into a loving, intimate relationship with mankind solely for the purpose of companionship.

God’s great call on women is seen within the order of creation. God wanted to make mankind in his image, first came Adam. Eve was not made until after Adam gave witness and name to every animal and does not see his match. In the same way God made Adam to be relational to him, He made Eve as that very reflection of intimacy to Adam.

This is not to say Eve is less than, or resembles less of God. No! In fact she is made in the image of the character of God that reflects his relational nature. This is separate and distinct from the character and reflection of God found in man. 

It is in the very nature of every woman to be relational. We may be introverts, or extroverts, but at the heart of every woman we care about our friendships.

What an astounding role for women to walk out inside creation: to be the image bearers of God’s desire for relationship to the people around us.

Though this call is seen more clearly inside the role of marriage in contrast to the roles of man, it is not overlooked beyond the boundaries of the marital bond. This high calling at the very foundation of womanhood is for all women in all stages of life!

Young women, you have opportunity to reach out to your sphere of influence to reflect this type of relationship. To humble yourself and pour out compassion on those around you as God has done for you. 

Married women, you have the opportunity to reflect this relationship with your spouse. Even, and especially, in those moments when your relationship is rocky. Humble yourself and work to protect the bond that God has joined together as the full reflection of His image is found when man and woman are united.

Women, you are all created uniquely and with distinctive attributes of our loving God. You are made with unique purpose separate from our male counterpart. I encourage you to honour your high calling bestowed upon you as walk daily as the image bearers of a relational God.

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